New Marble Ceramic Cookware

OASIS Swiss recently launched the all-new Chefology Marble Ceramic Cookware, a range of die-cast aluminium cookware made of highly durable marble ceramic coating.

The launch, in collaboration with online shopping portal 11street, was held at Starhill Kuala Lumpur with Chef Zam as its special guest.

The products were verified by the US Food and Drug Administration that they contain no perfluorooctanic acid, lead and cadmium.

Cooking at home brings families together and we encourage people to spend more time with their families through products that make cooking easier and less time consuming,” said Oasis Swiss director Jaden Teoh.

Teenagers or those busy with work are not left out as the Chefology Marble Ceramic Cookware can also be used to make pasta and instant noodles.

Teoh then performed a scratch test and a coating thickness demonstration to educate the public advantages of the product.

Also present at the event was 11street Merchandising vice-president Bruce Lee.

It is unusual to see crabs cooked in a wok but Chef Zam used Chefology’s 32cm wok to make his special dish – Spicy Kam Heong Crabs.

Members of the media were given an opportunity to cook one of Chef Zam’s recipes, Spanish Tortilla with Salami, and also to try out the cookware during a Media Cooking Competition.

Crabs being partially fried on the Chefology 32cm wok.

Chef Zam partially frying the crabs using the Chefology 32cm wok.

To kick-start the launch of Chefology Marble Ceramic Cookware at 11street, an exclusive promotion is available until Feb 7, with a 30% discount.

Those who purchase any Chefology product will be entitled to buy a Chefology 24cm frying pan at RM11 instead of the usual RM338. – The Star


Amazing Lodge Reversible Griddle

In my kitchen, or in my camper, this single burner cast iron griddle is a huge boon. Recommended by a friend when I complained about clean up when cooking for one, this griddle is pretty sweet.

The things I love about cast iron are many, and easy of clean up is probably at the very top of the list. I have quite a few cleaning tools for my collection of cast iron cookware, but none are as simple as using rock salt. This pre-seasoned griddle has rounded corners and the area between the bars on the grill side leave plenty of room rub the pan down with a simple paper towel and salt.

Not only is this griddle easy to clean, its pretty easy to cook on. The size of the platter roughly covers one burner perfectly on my home stove. It is a little larger than the burner in my VW Westy. The grill side is excellent for burgers and steaks, and with the use of a simple pot holder can be easily transferred into a pre-heated oven for finishing. The griddle side is a griddle, and simply will allow me to carry one less frying pan in my camping kit.

I’ve only had this griddle/grill for a week or two, but the pre-seasoning the Lodge applied works pretty well. It isn’t as great as a well used pan, but it’ll get there. The surface is fairly non-stick, right out of the box.

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Reasons to Avoid Cheap Cookware Sets

My answer to any person who is just beginning to buy stuff for their kitchen is to not spend their money on a large cheap cookware set. Instead, buy a small number of basic pots and pans – but buy quality itemsThere are several reasons for going this way:

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Reasons to Avoid Cheap Cookware Sets

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1. Most basic recipes don’t require many pots and pans

You’ll only need several of them at once when you get into complex recipes, which are basically completely overwhelming for the beginner. Thus, if you buy a large set of pots and pans, most of them will just sit in the box, largely unused.

2. The higher-quality items last a lot longer

I like to relate my experience with Teflon-coated pans when I first started cooking. I didn’t know what I was doing, so I completely destroyed the Teflon coating on three pans within three months of getting started in the kitchen. Each time, the pan quickly began to rust and thus I had to discard it and get something else. Finally, I wised up and bought a hard-anodized pan. It cost more, but it worked even better than Teflon in terms of not causing things to stick to it. Even better, I’m still using it today, and it looks almost as good as the day I bought it.

3. The higher-quality items make cooking easier

As I hinted at above, the more expensive items simply make things easier. I don’t have to worry about prepping my hard-anodized pans for much of anything at all; I just pull them out and go. They’re also easy to clean, no matter how badly you mess things up. I remember being really scared of some crusty burnt black stuff on my hard-anodized pan shortly after I purchased it, but after letting it soak for a while in some hot soapy water, I cleaned it really quickly with a sponge. I’ve never had much problem at all with cleaning any of my quality pans.

Basically, the rule of thumb for cooking supplies is that you’re better off buying two expensive pans than twenty cheap ones. They work better and take up much less space.

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Factors to Take into Consideration When Ordering a Toaster Oven for Your Home

Toaster oven is an appliance that works as a toaster and an oven. These days toaster ovens contain horizontal electric filaments unlike the vertical types of the pop-up toaster. If you’re planning to get a brand new toaster, why don’t you attempt a toaster oven rather than simple toaster oven? No doubt they’re pricey compared with the toaster, yet they supply additional features over it. It is like a little oven and you are prepare selection of dishes using it whereas toaster ovens are the simpler one used just for cooking.
For anyone who has smaller kitchens and little space, the toaster oven is handy because it is small and so requiring less space.

This is a great method to research toaster ovens to find one that is ideal for you. Simply search online for consumer reviews and see the feedback on the numerous models. You could discover evaluations on Amazon or Google Products. You will learn which versions have constant issues so you understand to prevent them. You will see which features consumers have the tendency to delight in so if you have the same interest in that feature, possibly that is the best model for you.


The first kind of individual who would wish to utilize these are people who in a hurry. When they’re in hurry, they do not intend to wait for the stove to heat up or for the food to cook. With the toaster oven, while, they are able to turn these on and due to the compact size wind up obtaining additional of the food they want to consume due to the fact that it warm up quickly and as a result of their size cook the food swiftly.

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